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The painting has been created in the genre of post-expressionistic 'Neue Sachlichkeit' ('New Objectivity'). Saul Bolasni alienated this portrait by composing it with certain dashes of caricature. Otto Dix is well known for this special style of painting. A fundamental emotional expression is created that displays more than only a plain image of a person. Surrounded by a black frame with information to this recording, executed in restrained lettering, the design concentrates on the colors of this artistic masterpiece.

'Lotte Lena
sings Kurt Weill'

12"  Lp by
Lotte Lenya

CBS Records™
catalogue no. 62318
production date: 1974
origially released 1955
nl made


recording supervisor:
    H. Gerhard Lichthorn

cover painting: Saul Bolasni
    Portrait of
Lotte Lenya as 'Pirate Jenny' from the Treepenny Opera

    permanently displayed at the
    National Portrait Gallery
    Washington, DC.


Side A:
Moritat  ('Mack the Knife')
   [B. Brecht / K. Weill]
   [B. Brecht / K. Weill]
   [B. Brecht / K. Weill]
Havanna Lied
             ('Havanna Song')
   [B. Brecht / K. Weill]
Alabama Song
             ('Whisky Bar' or
         'Moon of Alabama')
   [B. Brecht / K. Weill]
Wie man sich bettet
('As You Make Your Bed ')
   [B. Brecht / K. Weill]

Side B:
   [B. Brecht / K. Weill]
   [B. Brecht / K. Weill]
Was die Herren Matrosen
                sagen - Tango
               ('Sailor Tango')
   [B. Brecht / K. Weill]
Vom ertrunkenen Maedchen
('Ballad of the Drowned Girl')
   [B. Brecht / K. Weill]
Lied der Fennimore
  ('I Am a Poor Relative')
   [G. Kaier / K. Weill]
Cesars Tod
          ('Ballad of Cesar')
   [G. Kaier / K. Weill]

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