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An impressive photographical conversion of the title. So heartbreaking alone.

I can't remember the year I heard this song the first time, but at the year of release I was at the age of 11 or so. Many years had passed since then when I came across this record on a Berlin flea market, I became highly excited and bought it immediately.
Sentimental for sure, but I like this kind of 'feeling blue' love songs.

7" E.P. (mono)
by Brenda Lee
Brunswick Records™
catalogue no. OE 9492
release date: 1963
uk release

(recording first published: 1962)


Side A:
All alone am I
[Hadjidakis / Altman / Ioanmidis]
(I left my Heart) In San Francisco
[Cross / Gary]

Side B:
Your used to be
[Greenfield / Keller]
She'll never know

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