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12" LP by the Bonzo Dog Band
'Let's make up and be friendly'

United Artists Records™
catalogue no. UAS 5584
release date 1972
producer: Neil Innes & Vivian Stanshall; except 'Rusty' - by "Legs" Larry Smith & Tony Kaye
Sleeve notes etc. V. Stanshall
us release

One of the first comedy bands I have ever come across. It's not that serious, but excelent music, black humor and tricky lyrics full of allusions. Unfortunately they have never reached a bigger audience.
Seen in a sober light the cover has nothing very special.
But at a second glance a considerable optical tension is created by the strictness of the design and the cartoon card.

Side A
The strain 3:15 / Turkeys 2:10 / King of Scurf 4:40 / Waiting for the Wardrobe 3:10 / Straight from my heart 3:00 / Rusty (Champion Thrust) 7:50

Side B
Rawlinson end 9:31 / Don't get me wrong 4:51 / Fresh wound 4:25 / Bad blood 5:10 / Slush 2:20

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