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An example how a stunning hit cover version is converted visually. In this case, for a record of a fairly unknown Norwegian band. Sure it's one of the main cover art dispositions to transfer music visually, if this is possible at all. In this case the cover seems to show nothing really thrilling at a first glance. If there wouldn't be this mysterious and snatchy spiral laid over the entire cover. So a significant vision of progressive, psychedelic music is subliminal mediated here.

'Reach Out (I'll Be There)'

7"  mono single by
The Beatnicks

Philips ™
catalogue no.
355 358 PF

production date: 1969
nl made



Side A:
Reach Out (I'll Be There)
   [B. Holland/L. Dozier/
                                 E. Holland]

Side B:
I Feel Good
   [Naomi Neville]
             a. k. a.  Allen Toussaint

Producer: Johnny Reimar

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