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Heart warming, the picture as well as the title. If you have children on your own, you will know what I am talking about.
By the way, are we not all innocent in a specific way when we are in love?

A truly emontional album with an enormous number of love songs and the extraordinary voice of Rachel at the age of 17.

Open your ears and heart to songs like 'Tonight Ricky', 'I've got a reason', 'Fools gold' and don't forget the remake of the Damned's 'New Rose' ... amongst many other's.

One of my favorite Stiff's
Rachel Sweet
'Protect the innocent'
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. SEEZ 18
released 1980 - uk release
producer: Martin Rushent & Alan Winstanley
photography: Brian Griffin
Side 1
tonight / jealous / I've got a reason / new age / Baby let's play house / new rose

Side 2
fools gold / take good care of me / spellbound / lover's lane / foul play / tonight ricky
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